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Friday January 8th

In studio:

  • It’s nearly Minor Hockey Week and a new report came out with surprising figures on the number of men and boys who have suffered concussions. We welcome Cathy with the Injury Prevention Centre.
    Cathy Gladwin/ Policy Analyst, Injury Prevention Centre
  • Beyonce is being added to the Halftime show with Coldplay. Of course, everyone loves Queen Bae but many don’t want to see her stuck with the English pop outfit. That, plus Zayn Malik being put out to pasture by One Direction and a lip-sync battle you won’t believe. It’s our Entertainment Panel.
    Mike Chalut/ Host, The Bounce
    Talla Rajaei/TV Personality
    Twitter: @mikechalut  | @Talla_87 

    On location with Live Eye:
  • Some Edmonton men could soon be competing in the Olympics if this game goes well. Our Claire Hanna is live at the Men’s Volleyball Olympic Qualifier.